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Another Stiletto Parking Adventure

10 Aug

I parked along the sidewalk, got out, and was surprised to see this gaping hole to the underworld (ok, I exaggerate) in my way. Moving the car was too much trouble and the next available spot was far. Going around it would mean sticking my silver patent-toe stilettos in mud. I walked along its edge instead, leaning on the car for balance.


The thought that stilettos were made only for those who can be dropped off the driveway by a chauffeur cross my mind as I recall my previous stiletto parking misadventure.

Mental note: avoid this parking spot moving forward.

Beware of Stiletto Traps

19 Nov

Photo from 123rf.com

I had to drive somewhere for a meeting. The parking building floors were those aluminum-looking things with holes in them.

Walk, walk, walk, shoot! My stiletto got stuck! A few forceful wriggles got it out.

Add to shopping list: wedges that mean business.

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