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Little Black Bag

19 Dec


Sometimes a girl doesn’t want to bring her big everyday purse for quick errands. My everyday bag feels like overkill, and all the contents make me feel over-armed, when all I need to do is go to church or get money from the ATM.

My solution: a little black pouch from Halo. It’s just the right size for stashing my phone, a card holder that carries my driver’s license, ATM, and credit card, my pink-topped bottle of hand sanitizer, and some cash in the inside pocket. Sometimes I even sneak in some tissue and lipstick.

Why is hand spray part of my bare essentials? Because when we go to church K2 sometimes needs to pee in the public restroom, which doesn’t have soap. I reused an atomizer from a perfume giveaway I received some time ago and just keep refilling it from my big bottle of Human Nature Sanitizer. I love that the little bottle has a pink top! 😊

I weighed big bag vs. little bag. Big bag: 4.0 lbs. Little bag: 0.4 lbs. I can survive, at least for short periods, with just 10% of the stuff I lug around!

How about you? Do you carry the same big purse everyday in case you need something in it? Do you have a pared down alternative for quick trips? Or have you ruthlessly minimized what you tote from day to day?

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