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Pinoy Henyo

30 May

Photo credit: Levitan software

It’s a national disease. In our quest to rear English-speaking global citizens, sometimes our mother tongue gets taken for granted.

I have had to play catch-up since I read in a Howard Gardner book that language capacity develops naturally in the language part of the brain only until age 8. G2 turned 8 this summer and so, cramming to get some natural Filipino-speaking skills in his brain, I enrolled him in a Filipino class. I hear it’s good business. Who knew that one day Filipino parents would have to pay for their kids to speak Filipino well?

I recently stumbled upon a fun and free way to develop G2 and K1’s Filipino-speaking skills though. It’s called Pinoy Henyo (Filipino Genius), which is similar to the 20 Questions game. And yes, there’s an app for that! You can input a word (so it actually works for any language) or have the game generate a word for you.

Click here to go to Levitan Software’s site for Team-Up game, which is based on Pinoy Henyo.

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