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Tea Tree Oil Beats Pimples

12 Jun

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil. I’ve tried it straight, in gel form, and in anti-acne facial washes. However, big pimple after big pimple kept appearing on my chinny-chin-chin. I think this is my own doing. Probably too much resting my head on my hand during conference calls. I’d apply tea tree oil, pimple would shrink, another one would appear before the old one had gone away completely.

Then I thought of just applying tea tree oil all over my chin in case there were new ones trying to erupt from beneath my dermis. Voila! No more new pimples. I pour some on my finger and apply it straight. I now apply this anti-bacterial oil twice a day after toner.

What options are readily available in Metro Manila?

  • Human Nature Tea Tree Oil
  • Human Nature Acne Defense Solution Gel (contains other ingredients)
  • The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil
  • JASON Tea Tree Oil (carried by Healthy Options)

I have the JASON one now, but suspect the others will work just as well. My husband thinks the smell is too strong but I don’t mind it. I avoid the area under the eyes because the vapors sting.

I’m planning to test if once a day will be effective to find my minimum effective dose. See what works for you and let me know!

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