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Love of Learning

16 Nov

I love that when G3 gets interested in something he goes and learns about it. Origami, magic tricks, simple music tunes.

Yesterday, it was learning how to play Call Me Maybe on the keyboard our parents had loaned us out. He even called my dad to ask permission to stick masking tape note labels on the keys. I thought it was just so he could easily follow notes that he had googled. Turns out he had those, but he had also found this simple piano tutorial video with labeled keys:

Posted by ScarlettTear on youtube

Next on his list: Payphone by Maroon 5.

I asked him if he wanted to take piano classes next summer. He said he wanted me to be the one to teach him. Let’s see how that goes. I’ve been trying to get him to curve his fingers and use proper finger positioning but he insists on using his pointers, holding them as straight as chopsticks. I’ll get him one of those John Thompson beginner piano books and hope it inspires a desire to learn the proper techniques.

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