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K2’s Life Plan

21 Nov

Here is K2’s view of how you progress in life – after high school, you go to college, then you work, then you work and work and work, until you just play sports.

This out-of-the-blue declaration was no doubt inspired by his tennis-playing grandparents. Not a bad life plan, ey?

Teaching Responsibility

23 Apr

I’m trying to raise responsible kids. I think I’m getting partly through –

K1 dropped my hand sanitizer at a restaurant. I asked him to pick it up. He firmly replied, you get it, Mommy, it’s your responsibility.

Mommy Knows My Sins

6 Mar

G2 is preparing for his first confession and communion. I asked him if he’ll share with me the the sins he will confess.

He thought about it then said, you know my sins, the ates (helpers) tell you!

Of Mammals and Eggs

24 Feb

K1 and I were reading a book about mammals. It talked about the platypus being the only mammal that laid eggs. We talked about birds also laying eggs and how humans were also mammals.

I threw the question at him, so what do mammals do?

K1: Cook eggs!

Nativity Talk

16 Dec

My 2 sons, K-1 and Grade 2, were talking about their respective Christmas programs:

K1: I’m going to be the innkeeper.
G2: What’s that?
K1: The one who always sits down.

I love the simplicity of children’s worlds!

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