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Bottom-Up Estimating

6 Jan

I just spent a whole day estimating the # of components that can be delivered given different scenarios. I had fun using Excel’s different table functions – something I had not really exploited before. Giving logical table names for easier validation of formulas, auto-formatting headers, last rows, first columns, last columns.

Hubby picks me up for our date night. We check in with the kids – we are required to “call when you are together.” Our estimated arrival at home is the subject of daily inquiry but I couldn’t believe the detailed questioning that followed.

G2: Why will you get home 11 or 12? (he must have had an earlier conversation with Dad)

Me: We’re not watching a movie anymore, we’ll probably be home 11.

G2: Why 11?

Me: Because we’re just on our way to the restaurant, we have to order, we’ll eat and then we’ll drive home.

G2: How many minutes is it to Shangri-la?

Me: I just spent a whole day estimating, I don’t want to do a bottom-up estimate with you!

I realize he doesn’t know what I’m ranting about and try again.

Me: I just spent a whole day figuring out how long it takes to do things so I can tell people how much my team can do, I don’t want to tell you how long it takes to get to Shangri-la, I just want to give you the high level estimate that we’ll be home at 11!

I doubt that I am getting through.

G2: How many minutes will it take you to eat?

Me: We’ll be home around 11, ok?

G2: Is it ok with you if you just get a little sleep and then wake up early tomorrow?

I realize he’s worried we won’t get him to his soccer clinic on time.

Me: It’s ok, I’ll get enough.

G2: K1 wants to talk. After K1, me.

The phone is passed to K1.

K1: What time will you be home?

Me: We’ll be home at 11 ok?

K1: Ok, after kuya, not me.

G2: When you get home, kiss and hug us, ok?

Me: ok 😀

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