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My Minimalist Green Makeup

25 Sep

I have some sun damage spots atop my cheeks. Around 2 years ago, some people saw me without makeup and immediately asked, what happened? Did I look that concerning not made up? So I resolved to focus on skin care instead of covering up. I didn’t want to be like one of those celebrities who post their bare-faced pictures and people conclude they only looked good with makeup. I got some dark spot correctors. I can’t scientifically share the results, but I feel the spots on the left side have lightened up enough to look more like the rest of my face, while the spots on the right side need more time.

On the flip side, a green girlfriend who always sees me without makeup saw me recently with what little I put on. She liked what she saw! We got to talking about what I use, so in this post, I gladly share what I do put on –

  1. Human Nature Mineral Loose Powder in Warm Mocha
  2. The Body Shop Dazzling Rocks in Golden Copper – it’s one of those cans with light and dark pearls that you blend. It takes forever to consume. I use it as a bronzer. I may not buy another one when I finish this, to further simplify my routine.
  3. Human Nature Perfect Glow Mineral Blush in Pink Bloom
  4. St. Gabriel lipstick. I have Mauve for my cool shade, and Sta. Fe for my warm shade. Wear alone or blended, to match the weather, your mood, or the tone of your clothes.
  5. Nyx eyeliner, which I rub with an angled brush to fill in my brows. This is not exactly a green brand but an aunt gave it to me. It also takes forever to consume. I’ll choose a green brand next time.

I use a Sonia Kashuk foundation brush for the loose powder, and a Sonia Kashuk blush brush for the bronzer/highlighter. All of the above are very user-friendly. No precision-skills needed. Just apply lightly and blend around and keep layering until you achieve your desired effect.

That’s it! If it’s a dressier occasion, I’ll actually use the eyeliner to line my eyes. I like eyeliner but dislike the effort to remove it all, and so just decided to do without. Same for eye shadow.

Make Time for a Hair Mask

3 Aug

Being a mommy and a manager oftentimes take priority over my being kikay. I go for kikay express, e.g. putting on make-up in the car. I’m lucky hubby drives me to work.

As part of my kikay express approach, I have been using Human Nature’s hair mask weekly for over a year now, but really have been misusing it. I’ve been using it more like a conditioner because I didn’t want to spend the time to use it according to instructions, i.e. let it STAY FOR 30 MINUTES before rinsing it off.

Well today I decided to follow instructions. Lo and behold, my hair came out SUPER, DUPER SOFT!

So ladies, pamper yourself every now and then. Take 30 minutes for yourself! You’ll feel good that you did it.

Trivia: I listened to one of Human Nature’s founders, Camille Meloto, speak at Gawad Kalinga’s Social Innovation Camp last weekend. She’s kikay too! She loves cosmetics and so does a lot of R&D so that Human Nature can produce high-quality cosmetics too!

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