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Blueberry Bliss

29 Dec

About a month back, K2 and I went to a cafe for some blueberry muffin. It was not available so we got their blueberry bagel instead. K2 did not like it as much – he could not taste the fruit. So I described to him what a blueberry cheesecake was. A few days later, he had his first taste and was in heaven!

Earlier today, K2 spotted fresh blueberries at the grocery. We got some. I wondered how we would eat it and whether he would really like it. Even I had not eaten blueberries fresh. Then I had a flash of mommy brilliance! I grabbed some graham crackers and condensed milk.

K2 and his 6-yo cousin happily ate these quick-and-easy blueberry hors d’oeuvres. They thought I knew what I was doing too!


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