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Foundation and Liquid Eyeliner Quest Followed by Dashing Diva Pampering

25 Jan

My mom wanted foundation for her birthday gift so I arranged a Beauty Bar date, since they carry Human Nature. I wanted to give her something natural and local. Unfortunately, she had a requirement that Human Nature did not meet. She wanted the compartment separate for the applicator, as in the Body Shop Extra Virgin Minerals foundation that I have pictured below. She says I introduced her to this kind of compartmentalization when I gave her one too. Hmmm, I don’t even remember that. I would have taken her to Body Shop had I known that requirement. Human Nature and Body Shop are my go-to brands for natural cosmetics produced with fair-trade principles. Anyway, there we were at Beauty Bar, so fine.


The Body Shop Extra Virgin Minerals Foundation has a separate compartment at the bottom for the brush. Also, take a peek at my beautiful polish c/o Dashing Diva!

The hair on the Body Shop brush that comes with my foundation falls off before I finish the product so I use my trusted Sonia Kashuk foundation brush that I got from Target a few years ago instead. It has brushes on both ends, one for liquid/cream foundation, and another one for loose powder. I like that it’s full-sized but has covers and retractable brushes, which makes it good for travel. I have one for blush too.


Sonia Kashuk foundation and blush brushes

My mom’s other requirement was that the foundation should not cake over her pores. The winner turned out not to be a foundation product, but the creamy Smashbox Photo Set Pressed Powder.


Smashbox Photo Set Pressed Powder. Photo from smashbox.com

It was also time to throw away my beloved Palladio liquid eyeliner. I’ve recently tried two Body Shop branches, and they were both out of stock of black liquid liner. I was excited to find the K-Palette 1 Day Tattoo Real Lasting Eyeliner at Beauty Bar. The pen packaging with brush applicator at the end is more sanitary than Palladio’s, where you dip the brush into the little well of eyeliner, similar to how you would dip a feather into a jar of ink. Most of the words on the K-Palette packaging were Japanese so I got raised eyebrows from G3 and my hubby when they saw my unopened “1 Day Tattoo” in the bathroom.


K-Palette 1-Day Tattoo Liquid Eyeliner

My mom also wanted a mani-pedi so we tried out Dashing Diva, an international nail salon chain recently brought to the Philippines by Beauty Bar/Store Specialists. We got one of the mani-pedi combos. I like that they have a color wheel so you can easily check how the different available shades look on you. In my mind, since I’m not chinita or tisay, even though I have fair-medium skin I feel like the darker shades would suit me better. Using the color wheel, I found that I took to the lighter shades more. This isn’t the first time, actually, so I guess I’ll believe it already! I played with the OPI Try on This Color online tool once and had similar results. Try it, you can play with the skin tone and nail length so you can better see how the OPI shades would look on you! I went for an old rose kind of shade at Dashing Diva. My mom said it reminded her of my wedding motif, which my girlfriends totally thought were more debut-like than bride.

Anyway, it was a happy kikay date day. One unexpected benefit I got from our nail spa was… <drum roll, please>… SMOOTH ELBOWS! As in my elbows are at their smoothest that I can remember, thanks to the scrub and that white round rubber-like thing that they used, the one that’s used in facials sometimes.

P.S. About a week has now passed and I feel like throwing a kikay tantrum. MY K-PALETTE IS DRY!!! The cap had gotten off in my cosmetic kit, but it was off for less than a day! I tried to store it upside down overnight and shook it, shook it, shook it. Still dry! I sprayed Human Nature hand sanitizer on it and it was wet for a while. Crazy, I know, you don’t want sanitizer in your eyes. But I am just pissed at having something so new and now worthless. I tried sunflower oil and it did not work either. Do I now give up and throw it away? Was it good for just one day? 1 Day Tattoo, was that literal! Found somewhere it was supposed to be good for 3-4 months of daily use. I don’t think I can return it, I’ve thrown away the receipt. <sigh> … <sulk, sulk> 😦

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