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It’s Okay

14 Jul

It’s my first entry for the new school year. G2 is now G3 and K1 is now K2.

K2’s homework this week involved translating some English phrases to Filipino. Here’s what we ran into, along with my knee-jerk translations and thoughts as we went through the items:

1) It’s all right – okay lang (is this conversational Filipino acceptable or do I need to find something more Filipino?)

2) It’s okay – okay lang (uh-oh, are we allowed to re-use answers?)

3) Sure – okay lang (you’ve got to be kidding me)

We ended up answering “ayos lang” to #2, and after expending minimal mental effort to go beyond the instinctive “okay lang,” went with the more appropriate “sigurado” for #3. 🙂

How about you? What instant translations did you come up with? No dictionaries or googling!

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