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Dawel River Cruise

29 Sep


I was in Dagupan, Pangasinan last weekend and was pleasantly surprised that there is now a Dawel River Cruise. Pleasant surprise #2: it’s free! Good job, city of Dagupan!

My dad hails from Pangasinan and so childhood vacations in Pangasinan often included a trip to the famous Dawel restaurant. What set it apart from other restaurants that served local dishes was the fact that it was on stilts and you had a river under you. It has since became outshadowed by Silverio’s restaurant, built right beside it, until it was no more.

Across the river from Silverio’s is San Marino Place, supposedly the Ayala Heights (read: posh village) of Dagupan. On the river bank right before San Marino’s gate is the dock from which you board the Dawel River Cruise.

It was a nice, relaxing 45-minute cruise with serene fish ponds left and right. Some folk songs and a few commentaries are played on the raft’s Bose sound system. The cruise could be spiced up with a snack bar in the middle. The scenery doesn’t change much during the cruise so it’s best enjoyed with good company.

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