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The Gargle and the Fem Wash

12 Apr

The doctor ordered me to gargle with Betadine as my throat has been bothering me for more than a week. I asked if my regular green mouthwash would do but she said Betadine would be more effective.

I get a bottle, ignoring my mental barriers about the brand being more known for treating wounds and as a feminine wash.


Povidone-Iodine preparations. For wounds: 10%. Feminine wash: 7.5%. Gargle: 1%.

When I poured out some to gargle… blech! The taste was ok but it was the same blackish thing that bleeds orange at the sides. I will have to steel my mind as I gargle with this beautiful liquid for the rest of the week.

And yeah, I have to rinse my sink after each gargle.

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