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Bargain Gown

17 Nov

I need a long gown of a certain color to be ninang (!) for a wedding. Whee, reason to dress up!

Canvass results:
Crossings not-so-nice gown: P6k
Rustan’s: P22k
Made-to-order at Mico Shang mall: starts at P10.5k
Reasonably-priced-couturier: unknown, too lazy to find the place

Contingency: borrow & alter ninang gown from my mother. Not that we have the same style!

Ran an errand at SM and saw a good-enough gown for a whopping P2,500! :)Got it, along with a Jockey thigh-length-girdle-like-thing because, even with the lining, what you get for the price point is thin. You don’t want your panty discernable, right?

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