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Teaching Responsibility

23 Apr

I’m trying to raise responsible kids. I think I’m getting partly through –

K1 dropped my hand sanitizer at a restaurant. I asked him to pick it up. He firmly replied, you get it, Mommy, it’s your responsibility.

Mommy Knows My Sins

6 Mar

G2 is preparing for his first confession and communion. I asked him if he’ll share with me the the sins he will confess.

He thought about it then said, you know my sins, the ates (helpers) tell you!

Of Mammals and Eggs

24 Feb

K1 and I were reading a book about mammals. It talked about the platypus being the only mammal that laid eggs. We talked about birds also laying eggs and how humans were also mammals.

I threw the question at him, so what do mammals do?

K1: Cook eggs!

Selective Independence

27 Jan

You’ve probably heard of selective hearing, but what about selective independence?

K1 complains nobody is with him when he’s on our bed and I’m at our desk across the room. Lambing!

We sometimes catch him filling up his palm with liquid soap when he washes hands. We remind him to save water and soap. During these times, he’s the most independent boy in the world. He says, its ok mom, you can go out of the bathroom.

Bottom-Up Estimating

6 Jan

I just spent a whole day estimating the # of components that can be delivered given different scenarios. I had fun using Excel’s different table functions – something I had not really exploited before. Giving logical table names for easier validation of formulas, auto-formatting headers, last rows, first columns, last columns.

Hubby picks me up for our date night. We check in with the kids – we are required to “call when you are together.” Our estimated arrival at home is the subject of daily inquiry but I couldn’t believe the detailed questioning that followed.

G2: Why will you get home 11 or 12? (he must have had an earlier conversation with Dad)

Me: We’re not watching a movie anymore, we’ll probably be home 11.

G2: Why 11?

Me: Because we’re just on our way to the restaurant, we have to order, we’ll eat and then we’ll drive home.

G2: How many minutes is it to Shangri-la?

Me: I just spent a whole day estimating, I don’t want to do a bottom-up estimate with you!

I realize he doesn’t know what I’m ranting about and try again.

Me: I just spent a whole day figuring out how long it takes to do things so I can tell people how much my team can do, I don’t want to tell you how long it takes to get to Shangri-la, I just want to give you the high level estimate that we’ll be home at 11!

I doubt that I am getting through.

G2: How many minutes will it take you to eat?

Me: We’ll be home around 11, ok?

G2: Is it ok with you if you just get a little sleep and then wake up early tomorrow?

I realize he’s worried we won’t get him to his soccer clinic on time.

Me: It’s ok, I’ll get enough.

G2: K1 wants to talk. After K1, me.

The phone is passed to K1.

K1: What time will you be home?

Me: We’ll be home at 11 ok?

K1: Ok, after kuya, not me.

G2: When you get home, kiss and hug us, ok?

Me: ok 😀

Nativity Talk

16 Dec

My 2 sons, K-1 and Grade 2, were talking about their respective Christmas programs:

K1: I’m going to be the innkeeper.
G2: What’s that?
K1: The one who always sits down.

I love the simplicity of children’s worlds!

Generation Customize

27 Nov

Ever read one of those articles on Gen Y folks placing a higher value on individualism, hence the market for customized PCs, mobile phone plans and the like? I don’t know if my kids still fall under Gen Y, but here’s a conversation that reminded me of those studies –

My kindergartner asked my husband, Daddy, do you know what customize means?

Husband: What does it mean?

K: When your Beyblade is weak, you customize it!

What do you think? 😉

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