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Perceptions of Time and Page Count

15 Jan


I asked B2 to manage his screen time. We have a theoretical 2-hr screen time limit for the kids. I then took a shower.

After my shower, B2 proudly reported to me, “mom, I played with my Pokemon and Minecraft toys for an hour.”

Hmmm, I don’t think I was in the shower that long. But ok, I’m happy he got absorbed “playing with toys.”



B2 got a Lord of the Rings book for Christmas.

Hubby: how far are you into the book?

B2: Halfway.

Reality. He’s in Chapter 6 of 22. Oh well, he’s 9 years old. I’m pleasantly surprised he did not balk at delving into the thick book in the first place.



Rock Star Mom

12 Jul

B2: What did you put on your eyes?

Me: Eyeliner.

B2: Oh, you look like a rock star.

His basis, of course, is Rodrick from Diary of a Wimpy Kid.

A Pranking Lesson

5 Mar

B2 read the story The Boy Who Cried Wolf  out loud tonight.

He concluded by saying, the lesson of the story is that you should not prank anyone many times with the same prank.

Uhm… I hope he’s pranking me.

A Mask Out of Daddy’s Handkerchief

17 Jun


Ok, so we’re still into weapons and masks.

Also, I don’t want to keep changing what I call them each year so they are now officially B1 and B2, as opposed to G4 and G1 .

So, we checked out the toy store yesterday. B1 had enough allowance saved up to buy a Donatello set he liked. It included a bo staff, mask, and 2 shurikens. B2 has been buying PHP50 weapons and so didn’t have enough to buy his own TMNT set, which resulted in a lot of harping for me to make him a mask again.

We rummaged through his closet for a shirt to cut up as his previous paper masks just kept getting torn. We found some red shirt candidates but he wanted his mask to be blue like Leonardo’s. We thought his blue shirts were still nice so hubby graciously sacrificed a handkerchief and cut holes in it.

As G1 would sweetly put it, thank you, Daddy! You’re our BFF – best father forever!

And yes, that is a yellow plastic baseball bat – one of B2’s favorite pretend swords. Simple weapon joys. 🙂

Paid to Play

12 Apr

G3 called to ask what time I was going home. I said I would try to go home between conference calls so I wouldn’t be too late.

Hubby had a basketball game after work so G3 asked if he could wait for me before sleeping. Doesn’t that make you feel guilty about coming home late?

Guilt then turned to loving amusement with this exchange:

G3: Every when is his basketball game?
Me: Around once a week.
G3: Why isn’t it everyday? NBA is everyday.
Me: Because that’s their job, they’re professionals. Dad has a different job, he just plays with his officemates for fun.
G3: *catching on to something* They get paid to play?
Me: Yes, the professionals get paid to play, so you better practice if you want to get paid to play.

P.S. And that applies to whatever you want to get good at, not just sports.

Favorite Voltes V Character

5 Apr



Hubby introduced the kids to Voltes V, a cartoon I remember from the early ’80s. It’s the oldest cartoon I know of where you have five characters fly their own things and volt in to form one big robot.

They watched an episode and discussed the five characters. Hubby asked who their favorite character was. G3 said his was Steve. K2’s? Voltes V!


Trained to Read Labels

10 Mar

I was asking G3 yesterday about how his playdate went when he surprised me with this statement,

I ate Scottsberry. It has only 2g of sugar and it has vitamins and calcium.

Whoa. I showed him how to read labels months ago but never really tested him nor expected him to be applying the knowledge. Good job, kiddo.

K2’s Life Plan

21 Nov

Here is K2’s view of how you progress in life – after high school, you go to college, then you work, then you work and work and work, until you just play sports.

This out-of-the-blue declaration was no doubt inspired by his tennis-playing grandparents. Not a bad life plan, ey?

K2 Can Read My Mind

18 Oct

K2 approached me out of the blue this afternoon and said, in hushed tones, Mom, I can read you mind. Inside, it said, “I want a peanut butter sandwich.”


Reality? He had asked for 2 slices of peanut butter sandwich and had lost the appetite for the second one. He felt responsible for finishing what he had asked for – which is some kind of win for me – and was hoping I would bail him out of having to eat the second sandwich.

Don’t you like his creativity? 🙂

It’s Okay

14 Jul

It’s my first entry for the new school year. G2 is now G3 and K1 is now K2.

K2’s homework this week involved translating some English phrases to Filipino. Here’s what we ran into, along with my knee-jerk translations and thoughts as we went through the items:

1) It’s all right – okay lang (is this conversational Filipino acceptable or do I need to find something more Filipino?)

2) It’s okay – okay lang (uh-oh, are we allowed to re-use answers?)

3) Sure – okay lang (you’ve got to be kidding me)

We ended up answering “ayos lang” to #2, and after expending minimal mental effort to go beyond the instinctive “okay lang,” went with the more appropriate “sigurado” for #3. 🙂

How about you? What instant translations did you come up with? No dictionaries or googling!

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