Living Green in Manila

7 Jan

I’ve been musing, trying, tweaking my life here and there to be greener. I know many of us would like to do so as well so here is an attempt at a directory to help green your lifestyle. This is meant to be a living document. I’m starting primarily with products/services I have personally used. I’ll edit this page as I get new info, and as I get the time to actually edit this post, hehe.

My gold standard is: local, fair-trade, and organic. Sometimes I find products that work for me and my family that meet all three criteria, sometimes I don’t. You decide what works for you. Don’t sweat it if you can’t find your ideal. Choose the best option available. As more of us clamor for and support these products, I’m sure there will be more supply.

Stores that sell across categories

  • ECHOstore – carries local food products, toiletries, and other products like bags.
  • Healthy Options – carries toiletries, cosmetics, vitamins, supplements, food products. Most items are imported.
  • Human Nature – local brand carrying their own products as well as other consigned local brands.  Available through their stores, groceries like Rustan’s and SM, direct sellers, online stores, and delivery service from their branches. I get most of our toiletries and household products from Human Nature by delivery.
    • Toiletries – they have most things you need from head to toe – shampoo (I like their clarifying shampoo best), conditioner, soap, toothpaste, lotion, etc.
    • Cosmetics – good range of cosmetics. I like their powder foundation, blush, and tinted lip balm.
    • Household products – they have dishwashing soap, laundry detergent, etc.
    • Pet care products – yes, they have pet care products!
    • Food products – not really a grocery but they carry things like Theo & Philo chocolate, Bayani Brew, golden salted eggs, peanut butter, coffee
    • Tip: if you’ll be a repeat customer, sign-up for membership/dealership! Discounts start at 15% and goes up with your monthly purchases.
    • Recycling – you can bring your empty Human Nature bottles back to their stores fore recycling!


  • All Seasons Nature Farms – for chickens, eggs, vegetables
  • Emporium Antipolo – fruits, vegetables, honey, some food products like salad dressings; contact them for delivery options
  • Robinsons groceries – I just noticed recently that they have organic eggs! (may not be available in all branches)

Cosmetics and Toiletries

  • Body Shop – not local and some question how green they really are, but they are available in the major department stores.
  • Burt’s Bees – not local. There are Burt’s Bees stores, plus the products are available in stores like Beauty Bar.

Household Products

  • Messy Bessy – household products. Available at Rustan’s and SM.


  • Solaric – for solar panel installations. They install solar panels as well as train others on how to do it to spread the use of solar. Meralco’s Peak/Off-Peak scheme can add more bang-for-the buck paired with solar.


Disposing responsibly is part of living green. Can someone else use what you don’t want anymore?

  • Books
  • Electronics/Appliances
    • SM Hypermarket Pasig – you can sell them old electronics every first Friday/Saturday of the month. Check the SM nearest you if they have something similar.
    • Don Bosco (crowdsourced lead) – they accept old appliances for their technical/vocational students to take apart and learn from. Call to confirm.
    • Tahanang Walang Hagdanan (crowdsourced lead)
    • Tzu Chi Foundation (crowdsourced lead)
  • Miscellaneous
    • Caritas Manila Segunda Mana – go through their site to see what they accept. They have a spot at the basement of Sta. Lucia East that accepts and sells old clothes. You can also contact them to arrange for pick-up.
  • Other Tips
    • Crowdsource on your Facebook page, your community’s Facebook page, etc. You can ask where you could donate it to, advertise it for selling, or just say, who wants it? Done.
    • Hold a garage sale.
    • Sell it online, e.g. in

Disclaimer: I cannot verify claims of greeness. I have not tried all of these vendors/products. My objective is to provide information on available options. Research and/or test products to find what works for you.

Happy greening!


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