A Salon Homecoming

7 Dec

While walking around SM Aura a few weeks back, a familiar logo caught my eye. TONI & GUY!!! Isn’t this timely? My mom has been bugging me to have a haircut. This is, literally, a sign!


I used to go to their 6750 Bldg. salon when I worked in the same building maybe 10 years ago. When I changed office, it became inconvenient to travel just for a haircut. Turns out they had recently moved to SM Aura.

A few days later, I called for an appointment. I asked for a Sr. Stylist but they were all booked so my appointment was with the Style Director.

When I went, I looked for Harold, my old colorist. I was sooo happy to see him again! I do my own coloring now with natural hair color from Healthy Options though. Still, he took care of me, turning on the back massage feature on the chair while I was being shampooed and getting some tea for me.

As the Style Director, Jmarc, was cutting my hair, he asked if I was an old customer. I said yeah, Richard used to cut my hair. And then he said he was Richard’s old assistant. Oh my gosh, I feel like I’ve come back to my salon home!!!

Toni & Guy is a UK-based salon. All their stylists and technicians go to the UK for training. Click here to book an appointment at one of their Manila salons!

April 2017

I just called to book an appointment and was really saddened to hear of Jmarc’s passing. 

Dear Jmarc, thank you for taking care of me again these past 3 years. Kiera Knightley, check! Really glam digital curls, check! Milestone birthday, check! We had other plans. High school homecoming. And you wanted to try a short hairstyle on me after. Sigh. God speed. 😦

One Response to “A Salon Homecoming”

  1. Mitch December 8, 2013 at 7:24 am #

    This post also brought me back to our days at 6750… A location that definitely put a huge dent in my wallet, where a frustrating root cause analysis meant an unnecessary shopping spree in glorietta for lunch! Haha!


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