Paid to Play

12 Apr

G3 called to ask what time I was going home. I said I would try to go home between conference calls so I wouldn’t be too late.

Hubby had a basketball game after work so G3 asked if he could wait for me before sleeping. Doesn’t that make you feel guilty about coming home late?

Guilt then turned to loving amusement with this exchange:

G3: Every when is his basketball game?
Me: Around once a week.
G3: Why isn’t it everyday? NBA is everyday.
Me: Because that’s their job, they’re professionals. Dad has a different job, he just plays with his officemates for fun.
G3: *catching on to something* They get paid to play?
Me: Yes, the professionals get paid to play, so you better practice if you want to get paid to play.

P.S. And that applies to whatever you want to get good at, not just sports.

What do you think?

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