Did You Just Call Me Cholesterol-Face?

27 Mar

I managed to squeeze in a dermatologist consultation this week. There was a soft, little bump under my left eye that had been there for several months and it wasn’t a pimple.

Two possible diagnoses: syringoma or cholesterol deposits. What a big, fat slap in the face! I didn’t know you could grow such things. I guess when you reach your mid-30’s your body needs to impress you with new tricks.

While I’m processing the possibility that my cholesterol had shot up enough to show on my face, my dear husband sends me this unhelpful text message, Will you be home for dinner? At Buffalo Wings and Things taking out WINGS!!! 🙂. I gently remind him that my body doesn’t tolerate fat as well as his does.

The verdict was syringoma, which I later learned was a kind of benign tumor of the sweat glands usually found around the eyes. A Google image search revealed to me that yeah, I’ve seen these bumps on some elderly people. Turns out I had a few on my forehead too. I had them all cauterized though I was warned that they have a tendency to recur.

I also learned that cholesterol deposits appear more yellowish and are caused by, you named it – high cholesterol. Interestingly, while the causes for syringoma don’t seem to be well-established, livestrong‘s general preventive measures for these bumps include maintaining proper lipid levels as part of a healthful diet.

Did I pass on the wings? I had one piece. Am I more motivated to keep my cholesterol down? You bet!

What do you think?

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