Rice with Black Beans

20 Jan

I’ve been looking (and procrastinating) about adding beans to my diet in an effort to increase my protein intake, borrowing slow-carb diet principles.

Two weeks ago, I scouted the SM grocery for what was easily available – black beans, garbanzos (chick pea), different kinds of soya beans. There ware lentils in the imported aisle. I bought a can of black beans and a can of lentils.

A week ago, I started googling recipes. Three days ago, I forced myself to choose two black bean recipes and two lentil recipes to try. This morning, I finally had rice with black beans for breakfast!


Photo from allrecipes.com

I loved it! It made my brown rice more interesting! This is a breakthrough for me. Black beans used to be the thing I put aside when I ate my humba (braised pork belly). The other recipe I got was for black beans as a side dish. I wonder if I’ll get there, eating the beans straight. Hehe.

Here’s how a half cup of brown rice compares to a half cup of brown rice with black beans, according to MyNetDiary:

Brown Rice Brown Rice with Black Beans
Calories 109 100
Protein 2.3g 4g
Fiber 1.8g 3.5g

I can see myself eating this everyday! Soak the black beans in water before cooking because the canned ones are usually salted.

To those worried about beans and gas, Tim Ferriss points out in The 4-Hour Body that soaking beans in water for a few hours will break down the oligosaccharides, which are responsible for making you gassy. Canned ones are usually (always?) already soaked in some kind of liquid so you don’t have to worry about it.

What do you think?

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