Baby Bottles Forgotten in Storage

28 Sep


I am so grateful my brother asked if he (and his wife) could borrow my electric breast pump again. Sister-in-law is due in about a month. I asked our helper to get it out of storage and, lo and behold, turns out we have so much more feeding paraphernalia tucked into the furthest recesses of our kitchen cabinet, some of which I first used with my now-8-yo.

Feeling a decluttering surge, I got them all out, and sorted them. Below is the list of discovered items:

  • 20 baby bottles. Avent, Chicco, Gerber, Sesame Street.
  • 2 milk dispensers
  • 3 sippy cups
  • Avent Isis manual breast pump
  • A box for 10 Avent milk storage plastic containers, and, separately, 6 of these containers. I put them back in the box. There were unused accessories, like a little white tong-like thing, in the box.
  • The box for a microwavable sterilizer. In it were unused “bonus” contents of the sterilizer, which included 3 baby bottles beyond the 20 listed above.
  • The sterilizer that belongs to the aforementioned box.
  • Nipples in labeled plastic containers, e.g. 4 Avent newborn nipples, 4 Gerber newborn nipples, 4 Avent fast flow nipples. Yeah, I have my OC tendencies.

The only items I threw out were 3 bottle caps that wouldn’t fit any of the existing bottles. I’m giving the rest for my brother and sister-in-law to figure out which ones they can use and which ones can be for donation. I’m not dumping on them, mind you. I called my brother and he already has a recipient in mind.

It feels good to have decluttered (even if it was hidden clutter) and know that the discarded items would be put to good use. Gretchen Rubin of The Happiness Project would approve.

One Response to “Baby Bottles Forgotten in Storage”

  1. Genn September 28, 2012 at 4:00 pm #

    Oh my, now I wonder if I will get that ‘decluttering’ surge with Bianca being 8 years old now…Hahaha! Eep!!!


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