A Real Kid-Friendly Bible

28 Aug

Would you like to get your kid more interested in the Bible? As in THE Holy Bible, not a Bible Stories for Kids kind of book?

G3 needed to bring a Bible for Catechism class. The only physical Bible at home was the one from our wedding – covered in old rose cloth and heart rhinestones, in line with our wedding motif. Not exactly the kind he would be proud to whip out in class, huh? I didn’t want him to bring this to school either, for fear of having its pages getting torn, as kids his age still tend to be rough with things.


We had a Bible on the iPad. We didn’t want him bringing that to school either, so we decided to get him his own Bible.

Looking through the different versions available at National Bookstore Shangri-la Mall, we were drawn to one that looked kid-proof – the United Bible Societies’ Good News Translation Holy Bible. It had a zippered cover that would be perfect for protecting it through all the times G3 would have to take it in and out of his bag. The cover was made of spill-proof material too!


We bought the Bible with its being kid-proof as the main consideration. What came as a bonus were the colored illustrations and passage titles. It gave the Bible the appearance of  a compilation of children’s stories! Now G3 takes his Bible with him, around the house, to church, sometimes just to the car. He is genuinely interested in reading Bible stories (credit goes to his animated Catechism teacher this year too) and asks things like, Mom, can you help me look for the story of Samson? The iPad Bible remains my ally for quick searches, of course! 🙂

What do you think?

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