Make Time for a Hair Mask

3 Aug

Being a mommy and a manager oftentimes take priority over my being kikay. I go for kikay express, e.g. putting on make-up in the car. I’m lucky hubby drives me to work.

As part of my kikay express approach, I have been using Human Nature’s hair mask weekly for over a year now, but really have been misusing it. I’ve been using it more like a conditioner because I didn’t want to spend the time to use it according to instructions, i.e. let it STAY FOR 30 MINUTES before rinsing it off.

Well today I decided to follow instructions. Lo and behold, my hair came out SUPER, DUPER SOFT!

So ladies, pamper yourself every now and then. Take 30 minutes for yourself! You’ll feel good that you did it.

Trivia: I listened to one of Human Nature’s founders, Camille Meloto, speak at Gawad Kalinga’s Social Innovation Camp last weekend. She’s kikay too! She loves cosmetics and so does a lot of R&D so that Human Nature can produce high-quality cosmetics too!

One Response to “Make Time for a Hair Mask”

  1. kikaymommmyger October 19, 2012 at 10:41 am #

    I’ve been making time for a hair mask weekly since I posted this and my hair is as its softest ever!


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