Bargain Gown

17 Nov

I need a long gown of a certain color to be ninang (!) for a wedding. Whee, reason to dress up!

Canvass results:
Crossings not-so-nice gown: P6k
Rustan’s: P22k
Made-to-order at Mico Shang mall: starts at P10.5k
Reasonably-priced-couturier: unknown, too lazy to find the place

Contingency: borrow & alter ninang gown from my mother. Not that we have the same style!

Ran an errand at SM and saw a good-enough gown for a whopping P2,500! :)Got it, along with a Jockey thigh-length-girdle-like-thing because, even with the lining, what you get for the price point is thin. You don’t want your panty discernable, right?

One Response to “Bargain Gown”

  1. Mon January 20, 2012 at 12:50 pm #

    Ahh there’s a Jockey girdle like thing? I should check that out! I’ve heard of spanx and they cost more that the gown you bought!


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